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Next meeting: 7 February

This group is a forum for experienced intranet and collaboration professionals. Focus is on testing the strategic direction of your internal digital channels and discussing the tactical choices in a confidential forum. We look at each other’s solutions and projects in pipeline. We identify and explore emerging trends and we work with the challenges around further developing offering of internal digital tools and services.


Profiles occupying Seats in this Group include Intranet managers, community managers, digital workplacemanagerss. communication managers, project managers and people in similar roles to do with the sharing of information and knowledge in the organisation. The Group is open to both privateandpublic sector organisations and NGOs.

The groups are not open to consultants or vendors.


Specific topics for discussion in the groups are:

  • Strategy for intranet, collaboration and digital workplace
  • Intranet governance
  • Stages of maturity 
  • Effective alignment of intranet strategy with overall organisational strategy / business objectives
  • Optimising governance structure: roles, responsibilities and channels of communication
  • Findability & search
  • Managing security
  • Tool / solution evaluation and market predictions
  • Strategy for mobile and other devices
  • Apps
  • Approaches to content review and inventory
  • Cloud
  • Information management in the intranet context 
  • KPIs, measurement, Analytics and reporting
  • Benchmarking
  • Communication tools: video, infographics etc.
  • Content strategy
  • Marketing of the intranet
Don’t see the topic(s) you’re interested in? Try the group and raise your topic(s) with them.

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