Browse our UK based groups

Most groups are for the customer side focusing on topics like digital communication, employee experience, digital leadership and transformation:

If you are working at an agency, you can consider our European CMS Experts Group or the Kentico Partner Group.

If you are working at a software vendor, we have our CMS Experts Group and Software Product Management group.

Interested in groups in other countries?

Are you working for an international organisation or based outside the J. Boye? There are also J. Boye groups in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and the US.

Benefits of Joining

J. Boye Groups are exclusive, carefully moderated groups that bring together experienced professionals. You will meet peers with similar responsibilities and challenges on a regular basis. Get input and feedback on current projects and challenges. The focus is on developing professional relationships, sharing expertise and learning from each other. Ask fellow members what they’d do and get useful input and answers fast.

  • Each group is a personal network to support professional development for you and your team.
  • Allows you to consult other digital professionals
  • Obtain advice from recognized digital leaders at top companies and organizations
  • Free advice when making crucial choices for your organization or company.